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*authors contributed equally

Webster TH; Couse M; Grande BM; Karlins E; Phung TN; Richmond PA; Whitford W; Wilson Sayres MA. Identifying, understanding, and correcting technical biases on the sex chromosomes in next-generation sequencing data. bioRxiv 346940. [link to full text]. [github repo containing software].

Webster TH*; Dolby GA*; Wilson Sayres MA; Kusumi K. 2018. An improved draft genome for the Mojave Desert Tortoise, Gopherus agassizii: version 1.1. PeerJ Preprints 5: e3266v3. [link to full text]. [github repo containing code]. [link to assembly on NCBI]. [link to assembly and annotation on Harvard Dataverse].

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Submitted/In Revision/In Press

Winters S; Kamilar JM; Webster TH; Bradley BJ; Higham JP. In revision. Primate camouflage as seen by felids, raptors, and conspecifics.


Grüning B; et al. (164 total authors). 2017. Bioconda: a sustainable and comprehensive software distribution for the life sciences. Nature Methods 15: 475-476. [link to full text]. [link to bioRxiv preprint]. [link to Bioconda].


Rupp S; Webster TH; Olney KC; Hutchins ED; Kusumi K; Wilson Sayres MA. 2017Evolution of dosage compensation in Anolis carolinensis, a reptile with XX/XY chromosomal sex determination. Genome Biology and Evolution 9: 231-240. [link to full text]. [github repo containing code].


Webster TH; Wilson Sayres MA. 2016. Genomic signals of sex-biased demography: progress and prospects. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 41: 62-71. [link]

Baden AL; Webster TH; Kamilar JK. 2016 Resource seasonality and reproduction predict fission-fusion dynamics in black-and-white ruffed lemurs (Varecia variegata). American Journal of Primatology 78: 256-279. [link]


Hsiang AY; Field DJ; Webster TH; Behlke ADB; Davis MB; Racicot RA; Gauthier JA. 2015. The origin of snakes: revealing the ecology, behavior, and evolutionary history of ancestral snakes using genomics, phenomics, and the fossil record. BMC Evolutionary Biology 15:87. [link to full text]


Webster TH; McGrew WC; Marchant LF; Payne CLR; Hunt KD. 2014. Selective insectivory at Toro-Semliki, Uganda: Comparative analyses suggest no ‘savanna’ chimpanzee pattern. Journal of Human Evolution 71: 20-27. [link]

Anestis SF; Webster TH; Kamiliar JK; Fontenot MB; Watts DP; Bradley BJ. 2014. AVPR1a variation in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): population differences and association with behavioral style. International Journal of Primatology 35(1): 305-324. [link]


McGrew WC; Marchant LF; Payne CLR; Webster TH; Hunt KD. 2013. Well digging by Semliki chimpanzees: new data on laterality and hydrology. Pan Africa News 20(1): 5-8. [link to full text]


McIntosh AM; Bennett C; Dickson D; Anestis SF; Watts DP; Webster TH; Fontenot MB; Bradley BJ. 2012. The apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene appears functionally monomorphic in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). PLoS ONE 7(10): e47760. [link to full text]


McGrew WC; Marchant LF; Payne CLR; Webster TH; Hunt KD. 2010. Chimpanzees at Semliki ignore oil palms. Pan Africa News 17(2): 19-21. [link to full text]


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Payne CLR; Webster TH; Hunt KD. 2008. Coprophagy by the semi-habituated chimpanzees of Semliki, Uganda. Pan Africa News 15 (2): 29-32. [link to full text]

Other Articles and Notes

Olney KC; Narang P; Taravella AM; Webster TH; Wilson Sayres MA. 2017. EvSex16: Evolutionary Genomics of Sex. Journal of Heredity 108: 707-708. [link to full text].


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